Alex Horne @ Udderbelly Thurs 12th June

I bloody love Alex Horne and his vague yet sophisticated humour. I know him through his Radio 4 series’, but we saw him live at Udderbelly last Friday and it was a great night out.

If you know his stuff, then I can assure you it was as you’d expect. If you haven’t – you should buy his CD at once! (If he has one…not sure he has one after some frantic Googline…)

The show was augmented by two guests – the beat boxer Schlo-mo & another stand-up comedian (who’s name I didn’t catch).

My only very slight criticism was that the guests took up a fair chunk of the show and I wanted more Horne!!

We ended with a delightful encore of Henry Hoover, (‘diddly diddly Henry Hoover”). At the end a random Australian gent who was visiting town told me that he enjoyed the show, but felt he didn’t get all the cultural references, ie, the Henry Hoover stuff. I had to admit that I wasn’t sure if it was a cultural reference as such – it’s just a amusing to see five men wearing hoovers on their heads!

Alex Horne

(also remember to subscribe to his podcast!

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