Field Day (Sunday) review

Joey Santiago, left, and Black Francis of Pixiesat Field Day 2014, in London.

So we rocked up at around 5pm in anticipation of the Main Event at 9pm – ie, the Pixies. Lovely summer day. First port of call: cash point. Dammit. Of course they charge £3.75 for a withdrawal – curse our forgetfulness in not picking up cash on the way.

Then to the beer tent. Urgh Red Stripe is not a nice beer, so weak. Especially in a can. Luckily we discovered the Greenwich Meantime truck after that.

Then to the tent in which Telegram are playing. Good honest solid rockin’. One track would work really well as a techno track if guitars were replaced by synths. They don’t seem to have much on the Spotify so I can’t prove this to you with audio evidence. I liked the first couple of tracks a lot.

Then to the dance tent as I’ve had enough guitar for now and I’m intrigued by the act name of ‘Ngunzugunzu’. As expected, African tinged minimal electro is playing. And then a power cut to the dismay of the DJ (the female half of the male/female duo). After a couple of minutes the power is back up and after a while the broken beat / Afro / minimal mash-up doesn’t really seem to be getting anywhere after the promising start.

So we go back and listen to Drenge. Who are quite scary. Luckily the tent is full so we sit on the grass outside where the sound is actually a bit better and listen to the duo’s metal-rock. It’s quality stuff, but not my bag.

We hear a little bit of the limp bed-wetting pseudo rock of The Horrors on the way to the food stalls; yuk. We wait patiently for the main event, ie, the Pixies at 9pm.

Finally it is 9pm. The Pixies play. We go home.

Ok, a bit more on the Pixies.
A) I don’t know their stuff that well.
B) Most of the rest of the crowd do.

A1) It all sounds very precisely replicated (like listening to a CD) and I don’t think they deviate from the original song structures much. Certainly no extemporising or lengthy drum solos. Or even saying hi to the crowd.

B1) The crowd don’t seem to care about that, but we are far enough back that there’s only mild swaying and the odd whoop and hands aloft when a song is recognised.

A+B = The Pixies are now a heritage band, pandering to middle-aged fans who want to be reminded of their youth, or to simply be able to say ‘I saw The Pixies.

The most common t-shirts I saw were Pixies T-shirts. But I was pleased to spot Cut Copy and Fuck Buttons.

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