Fiona Banner at Tate Britain

Wasn’t expecting big aircraft at Tate Britain when we popped in today, but they seemed to have some.


Although the caption was going on about it being a Harrier aircraft and looking like a dead bird, we thought it looked much more like a dead shark being lifted out of the sea. And painting a sort of feather effect on the wings and fuselage we thought was over egging the pudding a bit.

But that apart from that, you can’t deny the impact of a decommissioned warplane hanging vertically in an art gallery!


Meg patiently stood by the archway so I could take my ‘arty’ shot. It was well worth the effort, yeah?

Anyway, it was a good exhibition and the TB has more good stuff in than I thought, including modern art….the Tate Modern hasn’t nicked it all, after all!

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1 Response to Fiona Banner at Tate Britain

  1. Dimi says:

    Look at yoooou! Visiting museums and all that!
    Nice snaps!


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