Some pics that don’t really justify an entire post of my waffling…but collected together as one post…well, they still don’t really cut the mustard.

Des (bass player in Cassette Electrik) looking cool in rehearsal. Gig next Saturday @ 333 Club. Be there! (Especially you, Des)


Stage and set for Causcasian Chalk Circle


The tech before the first performance:


Splendid angle of the arch at Richmond theatre. I took this picture. Me!!!


Have you noticed this recent trend for young men (or ‘nincompoops’ as I like to think of them) wandering around the transport system in their football gear in the late evening time? Yes, me too.


Nice Hollywood style theatre lights. Nary a footballer in sight.


It’s not often you get to stroll around taking pictures on the Old Kent Road flyover just south of Elephant and Castle. But when the road is shut, it’s possible to sneak up on a road bicycle without being spotted by the police and outraged citizens. I can now exclusively reveal what a road looks like with no cars on it:


(Perez Hilton – cos I know you read this blog –  eat out your heart with a tiny golden spoon: this is my scoop)

So I went into HMV the other week for the first time in ages. Racks of CDs…just seems so…old fasioned now?


Extraordinary and dilapidated, but functioning, Wilton Hall on Cable Street, Wapping. Really want to see a performance here of something – the atmosphere would be incredible. They’ve got a great bar there too – profits go towards the restoration of the building and theatre.


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