Caucasian Chalk Circle – reviews

Some reviews of the play I’ll be appearing in next week. (These reviews are for the Leeds production, with a chorus drawn from that area; our is the London production with a different chorus)

Guardian – 3/5

The Stage
British Theatre Guide
Online Reviews

John Baker’s Blog

Stage Beauty

Times Online – 3/5
Trust my paper to criticise the  bit I’m involved with:  “And the 30-piece choir is a big distraction.” Well, if Dominic Maxwell  knew the first thing about Brecht, he’d know that one of Brecht’s interests was revealing the artifice of a play – characters step out of character and talk directly to the audience, etc. So the choir on stage both reflects the audience and reminds them that they are watching a play at all times.

Silly Dominic! (Mind you, he watched the Leeds production so goodness knows what they were getting up to on stage)

Anyway, all pretty good reviews, I’m pleased to say. I look forward to actually seeing the thing, as so far I’ve only been in rehearsal learnin’ the songs. I’ve not seen a scrap of actin’ yet!

Roll up, roll up, get your tickets here – it’ll have nearly as much acting in as a Premier League footballer rolling around for a penalty..

Richmond Theatre, 20-24th October
Unicorn Theatre, 24-29th November

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