Caucasian Chalk Circle

Hello you lot. I’ve got myself roped into a theatre production of Brecht’s Caucasian Chalk Circle. In an unusual take on the play there is a chorus singing some bits to punctuate the action. So I’m part of the chorus doing some singin’.

The script is by Alistair Beaton, who’s done stuff on the telly-box and it’s produced by Shared Experience who’ve been around since the 70’s, and are well respected for their work.

It’s a novel experience and it’ll be interesting to see how the songs we’re rehearsing fit in with the play itself.

Hey! Why not come and see it?!

Richmond Theatre, 20-24th October
Unicorn Theatre, 24-29th November

Apparently ticket sales are brisk, so you might wanna get in there quickish!


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2 Responses to Caucasian Chalk Circle

  1. daz says:

    I wanted to go see your show
    but it’s completely sold out at the unicorn theatre
    any chance of any extra shows ?
    it’s be great to see it


    • oliolioli says:

      Hi Daz,

      Thanks for your comment – I know they put on an extra date, Sunday 29th Nov, but is that already sold out too?

      I guess the next best bet is arrive early and see if there are any returns – there usually are a few so it could be worth a go.

      It is a pretty good production (even if I do say so myself!), so worth the effort I’d say.

      Good luck!



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