Is Roger Scruton Beautiful?


I gather Mr Scruton & David Starkey convincingly lost the debate on Thursday “Has Britain become indifferent to beauty?”

I further gather that Germaine Greer & Stephen Bayley knocked them into a cocked hat. Would have been quite fun to see. I last saw Mr Scruton being knocked into a cocked hat at the debate “Would we be better off without religion?’. With Christopher Hitchins, Richard Dawkins and AC Grayling on the one side and R. Scruton,  Nigel Spivey and the  Rabbi Julia Neuberger on the other, the motion didn’t stand much chance. Good knock about fun, and here’s a write up of it from someone on the losing side:

Anyway, is Britain indifferent to beauty? The question is very badly phrased because to agree with it would be to say that no one in Britain ever thinks about beauty or would like more of it. That would be nonsense of course, so the motion was quashed. A better question might have been “Is there too much ugliness around” (probably yes), “could Britain afford to spend a bit more time thkning about beauty and making it a higher priority?”. Again, yes, hard to disagree with.

However, Screwballs and co seem to just dislike everything about the modern world and everything it stands for. This is a bit pathetic…as annoying as Hollyoaks, advertising hoardings and Lada GaGa are, you can’t just give up and dismiss everything, as there is also Punch Drunk, Arthur Ganson and On Rails out there.

You just got to look a bit harder Screwy, and widen your perspective beyond the late 19th century, yeah?

Guardian article

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2 Responses to Is Roger Scruton Beautiful?

  1. Tom says:

    Oh good. Scruton and Bayley were duking it out on R4 that morning and Bayley’s democracy-laden appeal to beauty led Scruton to fluster and responding with the loser claim: “I’ve got better taste than you.”

    That’s a very big L for Loser.


  2. Oli says:

    The other irritating thing about Srcute’s argument is that he seems to think that unless something is created to ‘honour God’ then it’s inherently worthless.

    You can imagine that argument doesn’t do a great deal for me!


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