Bravo Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. BBC 2 Monday

Is it is me, or is there a sea change? Are people finally getting bored with crap telly, books and music?

One can only dream.

Stewart Lee’s opening salvo in his new BBC series ‘Comedy Vehicle’, however, was a breath of fresh air.

He laid into Harry Potter ‘and the crock of shit’ / ‘and the pot of paint’ / ‘and the tree of nothing’, explaining out that if anyone ever asked him if he’d read the lastest Potter, he would say, ‘Of course not, fuck off – it’s a children’s book’. Adding that he had read the entire works of the mystic and poet William Blake, but no, had not read Harry Crappy Potter. Because it’s a book for CHILDREN.

Even more spendidly he gave Asher D, the ex-rapping man from the So Solid Crew, ‘maximum disrespect’ as he tore his celebratory hardback into metaphorical shreds. In fact, he looked straight at the camera and said ‘Asher D – if you’re watching – I am giving you disrespect. Maximum disrespect.’

The man’s a dude. He doesn’t quite have Bill Hicks’ level of fury at the human race, but seems to come from a similar place of anger and irritation at much of commerical culture. It’s an overdue attack on the mediocre dross of popular culture – let’s hope people like Lee, and others, make it unpopular culture and move us to a higher level of human ambition.


(this clip not from his current series:):

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One Response to Bravo Stewart Lee

  1. Carol McGuigan says:

    I agree – he’s very good and a timely relief. He reminds me of Bill Hicks too. Check out his set under the title 41st Stand-Up on You Tube. The bit on people who say ‘political correctness has gone mad’ is superb. I’ll be watching Comedy Vehicle on Monday night again


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