World’s coolest cassette

I don’t often bang on about cassettes, despite the band name, but occasionally there’s a good reason to – and here’s today’s:

It even says ‘Roland’ on the mini-reels, how sweet!

(I totally lifted this from my colleague Tom Whitwell’s excellent MusicThing blog, which if you haven’t read it yet – well, you better set aside a few hours for a serious music-tech geekoutathon!)

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2 Responses to World’s coolest cassette

  1. Electroqueer says:

    Hey Oli – Am trying to get a hold of you to see if Cassette Elecktrik wants to play the next EQ@Barcode night – can you email me on

    Thanks, speak soon – Raj 🙂


  2. makerecordings says:

    That’s seriously cool.!
    Well found!
    Best regards



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