The Telectroscope

I was walking along the Thames this morning towards Tower Bridge, and what should I see but Artichoke’s latest giant artwork:

It’s a like giant telescope emerging from the ground.

The conceit is that a tunnel has been built between Tower Bridge, London and the Brooklyn Bridge, er, Brooklyn, and peering into one end shows you the view from the other end.

Unfortunately you have to pay a whole £1 to have a look down it, which seems slightly at odds with the free public nature of their last epic event in London, The Sultan’s Elephant. It seems silly, but even a tiny entry charge of a pound inhibits people’s interaction with the thing.

I would have had a go anyway, but I was in a rush and the early morning sun was glaring on the viewing screen so I thought it might be difficult to see it. I promise to have a go tomorrow morning and report back.

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2 Responses to The Telectroscope

  1. Marty says:

    Yeah, I’m gonna go see this sometime next week – looks interesting enough to warrant the £1!


  2. Tom says:



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