cup & litre kettle dichotomy

I’ve no idea if the above sentence makes sense, but it pleases me.

Now – bear with me for a moment while I lay out some propositions:

1. Most people use kettles to make coffee. (I guess some people might make tea, even though it’s evil)
2. Most people who drink coffee (or tea, if they must) drink it from cups/mugs

  Even worse, my kettle starts at the extraordinary quantity 1.25 litres…what on earth does that relate to in the real world? What fraction of 1.25 litres is one cup of water?!

I have no idea so I just have to chuck in what I hope will be enough  for one cup. I don’t want to have to fill in what’s obviously more than enough for one cup, as a) I’ll have to wait longer for it to boil, and b) that’s bad for the environment, as the Pope tells us.

And I fear putting in too little as the element might explode, and running out of water when filling up a cup is very depressing.

I hope  Russell Hobs is listening and rectifies this ridiculous situation. Soon.


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2 Responses to cup & litre kettle dichotomy

  1. 1.25 liters equals 5.2 cups. One Cup equals .2366 liters.

    My coffee cup holds 16 ounces of water. Before I put the kettle on, I measure 16 ounces of water and pour that into the kettle.


  2. Lucy CassElek says:

    You boys need to get out more…


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