Looptron’s Birthday Party

Last Friday it was the birthday of a certain Mr Looptron. Look here he is doing V signs at me, whilst simultaneously giving the impression of being a man-lobster:

It was a kind of open mic night, and I had prepared a little riff thing of Tris’ (above right) into a wild and crazy loop thing. So Tris, Neil & I played it for the massed crowds, having never rehearsed it. Sort of like a ‘jam’. It went quite well, not that I think the audience noticed. And luckily no one recorded it either on audio or photo…

Then Neil did a song with Charlie:

And then Neil did a little acoustic style set with his slightly dormant band Moeker:

It was good. And then various combinations of Neil, Charlie, Des, John, and others did musical things. It was all good!

You can even see Neil playing a Moldy Peaches song with Sally on his blog here.

All in all, a good night! You should have been there (you were? It was good weren’t it?)

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