Ever since I got rid of my lumpen old 19″ CRT monitor, our cat Magnus has had great difficulty in finding a good sleeping spot. The old CRT was great (from a cat perspective): it was warm and had a lovely large flat top he could sit on and watch all the procedings in the studio. However, ever since I upgraded to a lovely (from my perspective) LCD display, he’s really been getting in the way, as there’s just no other suitable surface in here.

He’s tried the monitor, which has the TC Electronic Konnekt 24D on it:


He’s tried sitting in front of the controller keyboard:

He’s even tried hiding behind the Moog: (cue lots of hi-larious puns relating to mogs and moogs)


An Access Virus, is hugely comfy too…

Or he just tries to sit on my lap, which is no good either, when you’re trying to simultaneously play keyboards, hit record and twiddle the Behringer rotary controller thing.

This has gone on for ages, and I’ve felt a bit bad that I’ve taken his favourite sleeping place away and the situation has not been fun for either of us.

But today, I had an epiphany! Cats are boxophiles! Put any shoebox, suitcase, cardboard box, somewhere in a flat, and they will sit in it. I looked around – and there was a nice MacBook box, just begging to be used as a cat recepticle. Placed it open on the floor, and voila! 3 minutes later, problem solved – Cat-in-a-box!

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